Zero In ZER020 Flea Killer, Mains Powered

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Zero In ZER020 Flea Killer (Mains Powered, Effective Flea Killer for the Home, Targets Bedding and Carpets Over a 10 m Radius), Pack of 1

This STV020 is equipped with a 7 watt heat lamp This is designed to mimic warm-blooded animals to attract fleas from bedding and carpets over a 10 metre Radius. With the STV020 there are 3 sticky pads included to trap the fleas that are extracted from carpets and Pets. The STV020 is an ideal choice for early indicator of flea infestation, and the unit will give you a constant monitor and control of flea problems In home or work environments. The STV020 is manufactured to meet UK and European safety specifications. 7 watt heat lamp STV020

  • 7 Watt heat lamp mimics warm-blooded animals
  • Over a 10 metre radius
  • 3 sticky pads included
  • Acts as an early indicator of flea infestation
  • Constant monitor and control of flea problems in home environments

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