Winalot Perfect Portions in Gravy 24x100g


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The Purina Winalot Perfect Portions Chunks Dog Food in Gravy contains a high amount of protein, low carbohydrate and a considered quantity of essential nutrients and minerals. The protein helps build strong bones and muscles while vitamins, such as A, D3 and E, maintain their eyes, skin and coat. The iron content promotes agility and vitality and other minerals such as zinc, iron and manganese balance their diet.

Product Benefits

  • Provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition to your dogs
  • Premium wet dog food in gravy that delights your dog's taste buds effectively
  • Fresh and healthy ingredients to support their digestion and cardiovascular system
  • Added vitamins and minerals maintain vitality and promote healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Contains no added colours, flavours or fragrances

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