Westland Gro-Sure Fast Acting Grass Lawn Seed 80m2 2.4kg

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Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn seed is the quickest way to a lush green lawn. With germination in 4 days and a new lawn in 10 under optimimum conditions the micro-nutrient coated seed is larger and heavier meaning it can get right down to the surface of the soil. The seed is also coated with a bird deterent to help against bird attacks.

Box Contains

3.6kg Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed

Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed has been designed for low temperature germination. This means the seed can be sown when the soil temperature is between 7 and 18°C. This makes Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed the perfect choice for those that want to seed their lawn earlier and later in the year with fast results.

  • New and improved seed blends
  • Our range is colour-matched
  • Fine grass blades for a lush, beautiful lawn
  • Our lawn seed will grow on any soil type
  • Your lawn will have a high disease tolerance

Top Tips:

  • Overseeding: add new grass seed to your lawn 2x per season (Spring & Autumn) for an easy to maintain, thick & strong lawn which outcompetes weeds & moss.
  • Feed your lawn on a regular basis to keep it strong, thick and easy to maintain. We recommend Westland SafeLawn, Aftercut Ultra Green Plus or Aftercut Lawn Thickener.
  • Apply Gro-Sure Lawn Seeding Soil, before seeding, to increase germination by up to 25%.

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