Volvic Still Water Sports Cap 12x1litre


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Volvic Still Water Sports Cap 12x1litre

Volvic Natural Mineral Water is unstoppable. It flows through six layers of volcanic rock, which infuse it with unique volcanic minerals. Volvic has a clean, crisp taste that helps you feel your unstoppable best.

Sourced from Auvergne National Park, just north of the Puy de Dôme in France, Volvic is a popular everyday drinking water.

The water has a distinctive mineral content due to the nearby volcano which last erupted in 5760 BC, giving Volvic a unique taste.

Composition in mg/litre

  • pH (at source) 7
  • Total Dissolved Solids  109
  • Calcium 11.5
  • Magnesium 8.0
  • Sodium 11.6
  • Potassium 6.2
  • Bicarbonates 71.0
  • Sulphates 8.1
  • Chlorides 13.5
  • Nitrates 6.3
  • Silica 31.7

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