Vitax Vermiculite 20 Litres - Improves seed germination. Maintains moisture and Nutrients


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Vitax Vermiculite 20 Litres - Improves seed germination. Maintains moisture and Nutrients 

Vitax Vermiculite can be used alone or mixed 50/50 with compost helping to provide optimum conditions for seed germination.
Vermiculite possesses 'cation exchange' properties, enabling it to hold and make available ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium for healthy growing plants.
  • Holds nutrients and water near to the roots
  • Provides good air balance
  • Helps maintain an even temperature
  • Ideal for seed sowing and pricking out
  • 20 litre
Vitax Vermiculite is a natural mineral that has been heated to high temperatures to produce lightweight, highly absorbent flakes. Its use in the garden will improve the aeration of growing media such as compost or soil and increase retention of moisture and nutrients. It will help promote faster, healthier plant growth.

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Chris Cope

Great purchase of vermiculite from garden pet supplies arrived as ordered on time,

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