Vitax Fertilizer Q4 2.5kg

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Vitax Fertilizer Q4 2.5kg


The premier fertiliser for fruit, vegetables, flowers and roses. An outstanding all-purpose fertiliser, Q4 Pelleted Fertiliser is a favourite amongst experienced gardeners and a ‘must have’ product. Originally developed for the commercial grower, Q4 Fertiliser is the trusted choice for producing bigger, brighter blooms and bumper crops.

Q4 Pelleted Fertiliser:
Apply throughout the growing season.
Contains vital plant foods and trace elements essential for abundant growth of flowers and crops.
An easy to handle, low dust, pelleted fertiliser.
For best results apply evenly to soil, preferably when it is wet.  Q4 Fertiliser is perfect for plants either prior to planting out or for established bushes when it can be applied as a top dressing in the spring.
Q4 Pelleted Fertiliser should be applied to the growing media before sowing and planting flowers and vegetables. It can then be used as a top dressing once or twice during the summer months to encourage crops.

Directions for Use
Apply evenly to soil, ideally when it is moist. Lightly hoe into the top of the surface and in dry conditions water in. 
Flowers and Vegetables - top dress twice during the summer months 

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