The Kew Gardens Secateur & Holster Gift Set


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The Kew Gardens Secateur & Holster Gift Set

The Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens Razorsharp Heavy Duty Bypass Secateurs & Holster Set contains bypass secateurs designed to withstand the rigors of daily heavy duty use, and utilise a bypass (scissor like) cutting action with a maximum cutting width of 20mm.

Bypass secateurs are best suited for use on living or 'green' stems and give a clean cut compared to anvil patterns which will distort or crush living stems. The secateurs blades are made from drop forged carbon steel, and feature a cutting notch for use on thicker stems and a sap groove.

The upper blade can be resharpened and also replaced to prolong the life of the tool. Forged aluminium handles provide strength yet remain light in weight and incorporate rubber shock absorbers and a two-step locking catch which allows for a choice of two cutting widths. Supplied with a leather holster with metal belt clip to hold your secateurs when not in use.

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