Sun Professional Dishwasher Tablets (2 x Pack of 100) & 5L Janit-X Cups White FREE !


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Sun Professional Dishwasher Tablets (2 x Pack of 100) & 5L Janit-X Cups White FREE ! 

Sun Professional Dishwasher Tablets (100 Pack) 7515207

Sun Professional Dishwashing Tablets come individually wrapped in hydrofilm, ready to be placed straight in the dishwasher, so that you need not handle any chemicals directly. These tablets are both economical and effective, removing tough stains and leaving dishes sparkling. Suitable for professional and domestic use, this pack contains 100 tablets.

  • High quality, economical dishwaser tablets
  • Suitable for professional and domestic dishwashers
  • Enhanced enzymatic performance
  • Removes tea, coffee, starch and dried stains
  • Pack of 100

Janit-X Professional Cup White 5 Litre

Equivalent product: Clover T-Cup Chlorinated Dishwash Liquid (368) 

Cup White is a fast acting cleaner, designed for use in busy cafes to remove tannin and coffee stains from cups and saucers.

Cup White will also remove food debris from crockery and cutlery when used in machine dishwashers.

From top cleaning products manufacturer CLOVER CHEMICALS, CUP WHITE is a powerful and fast-acting professional dishwash liquid. 

This chlorinated detergent is suitable for use with hot and cold water.  It is ideal for cleaning food, tannin and coffee stains from cutlery and crockery, and is widely used in canteens and restaurants.

CUP WHITE is designed for use with a professional dishwasher, dispensed via a automatic dosing unit.

N.B Do not use on Aluminium, Zinc or other alloys.

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