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Our biological laundry stain remover powder is for use with whites and has been specially formulated for amazing whitening with our fresh, clean Pink Stuff fragrance.

Directions for use: The Pink Stuff The Miracle Laundry Oxi Powder Stain Remover for Whites is for colour fast garments and fabrics only. 

Dosage: 1 scoop 30g. Pre Soak: Dissolve I scoop into 3L water and soak for 1 hour max and then wash as normal rinse thoroughly.

Washing Machines: Add to your detergent draw on top of usual detergent. For normal loads add 1 scoop, for tough stains use 2 scoops.

Care instructions: Always follow washing machine instructions on garment or fabric care label and always wash colours separately.

Check for colour fastness before use if in doubt try on an inconspicuous area.

Do not use on delicate fabric, wool/silk/leather/upholstery or dry clean only garments. 

Do not use on finished or coated surfaces, for example wood, metal finishes, etc.

Do not soak fabric with metal fasteners or flare-resistant finishes.

Do not expose pretreated or soaked fabrics to direct sunlight prior to washing.

Do not mix with chlorine based bleach.

Do not keep solutions of this product in sealed containers as it will continue to give off oxygen may leak.

Do not use on any garment with the phrase DO NOT BLEACH or equivalent symbol.

  • 1.2kg The Pink Stuff Stain Remover Powder For Whites
  • Tough on stains
  • Can be used on whites & colours 

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