Ronseal Quick Dry Damp Seal Aerosol White 400ml


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Ronseal Quick Dry Damp Seal Aerosol White 400ml

Ideal if you have a damp patch in an awkward to reach place, our Damp Seal Aerosol takes just 10 minutes to dry and permanently blocks damp stains. There’s no need for paint brushes so the clean-up is easy.

  • A quick permanent fix for damp
  • Can be applied directly to damp surfaces
  • Dry in only 10 minutes
  • Needs 2-3 coats to permanently block damp stains and stopping them from ruining your top coat
  • Can be painted or wallpapered over
  • Suitable for walls and ceilings

Before you start

Make sure the room is nice and temperate, above 10°c. Open doors and windows for added ventilation and put down a dust sheet to protect the areas you don’t want to get paint on.

It’s also important to remember that you should address the core problem of the damp before covering it up. If you just choose to paint over it, you won’t solve the problem and the damp will keep coming back.

How to prepare walls for sealing

  1. If damp has caused paint to flake and peel, sand it away so you have a smooth surface.
  2. If you notice any mould, use a mould killer to get rid of it.


  1. Shake the can until you hear it rattle and then keep going for an added minute.
  2. Hold it upright around 20-30cm away for the wall or ceiling.
  3. Spray from side to side for an even finish.
  4. Wait 10 minutes for the first coat to dry.
  5. Apply a second coat and then a third, leaving 10 minutes between both.
  6. Once you have applied three coats, wait 24 hours for the seal to completely dry before you start decorating.

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