Rolson Heavy Duty 150cm Cable & Padlock


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Rolson Heavy Duty 150cm Security Cable & Padlock 66758

Rolson Heavy Duty 150cm Security Cable & Padlock is suitable for almost any location, and for any bicycle! Cable locks have been designed to ensure that you can leave your bike unattended without worrying whether it will be there when you return. This Heavy Duty 150cm Security Cable & Padlock features a U-Type lock that fixes around the frame of your bike and an immovable object you're locking it to. Then the removable barrel is attached and locked in place with the key provided to create a secure deterrent to any would-be thieves. Lightweight and compact makes this lock perfect for commuters. Specification: 150cm Cable with loop at either end U-Type lock with protective and weatherproof vinyl coating Rotating cylinder cover Includes 2 x keys

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