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Deluxe Cleaning Pack/Hamper Domestos,Minky,Cif,Dettol 10pc & Addis Brush FREE!

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Cif Ocean Floor Cleaner 1 Litre

  • Shiny clean
  • No rinsing
  • Fresh fragrance
  • No residues
  • Ideal for linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tiles. Specially formulated to cut through stubborn dirt on floors and washable surfaces. Cif Floor Cleaner is residue free to leave a brilliant shine.

Cif Bathroom Spray 700ml

  • Active limescale removal
  • Easily removes bathroom dirt

Cif Bathroom Cleaner is specifically designed for everyday bathroom cleaning. It easily removes tough limescale deposits and those annoying watermarks, leaving your bathroom sparkling clean.

Cif Cream Lemon 500ml

The original cream with the unmistakable lemony scent. You’ll be amazed at what you can rejuvenate with our multipurpose Cif Cream Lemon. The millions of micro-particles contained in each drop will clean kitchens, bathrooms and more, removing 100% of dirt* and delivering beautiful shiny results again and again.

  • Burnt-on food
  • Tough dirt & scum
  • Tough grease

Domestos Bleach Zero Limescale 750ml

Kills 99.9% germs and 100% of limescale. UK's #1 bleach. Lime-scented toilet cleaner works below the waterline. 3x thicker than ordinary toilet cleaners and descalers. Handy 750ml of Domestos cleaning power. Try with a Domestos Toilet Block for maximum protection. Domestos kills germs dead. Domestos Zero Limescale Lime Toilet Cleaner kills germs, protects your home, and leaves your toilet clean and limescale-free with a fresh lime scent. This conveniently-sized 750ml bottle will help kill germs and get rid of limescale whenever you need it to. Add this descaler to your supply of bathroom cleaners for longer-lasting results, as this toilet gel grips for longer below the waterline to remove all limescale and kill the germs that live within it. Domestos Zero Limescale Lime Toilet Cleaner is also 3 times thicker than other toilet limescale removers? so, germs need to watch out!

Minky Mcloth Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad

  • The scrubbing side is ideal for quickly removing burnt on stains and marks, whilst the microfibre side simply lifts away grease and grime.
  • Each pad is treated with a long-lasting, anti-bacterial protection preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Great for washing up or wiping down
  • Powerful high density microfibre. Non-scratch technology
  • Extra cleaning power with anti-bacterial protection

Fairy Liquid Lemon 433ml

  • No soaking, no grease, no fuss
  • Efficient cleaning, cleans greasy leftover food completely
  • Its concentrated formula cuts through grease instantly giving a neat clean
  • Ultra long lasting suds from every drop
  • Gentle on your skin, no need to wear rubber gloves
  • Smells great with two fresh scents to choose from: the trusted Original scent & Lemon

Dettol Power & Pure Advanced Kitchen Wipes

Dettol Power & Pure Advance Kitchen Wipes with Active Oxygen not only clean the toughest stains in your kitchen, but also leave no harsh chemical residues* behind! 

They kills 99.9% of bacteria so no matter what your family gets into, your kitchen is truly clean and your family is protected.

Domestos Original Bleach 750ml

Kills all known germs dead

Certified by RSPH Royal Society for Public Health

Domestos Extended Germ Kill Original Bleach with CTAC™

Nothing protects as long*

*The Extended Germ Kill formula gives you long lasting protection in the toilet

An A.I.S.E. voluntary sustainability initiative

Addis White/Green Dish Brush

The deluxe dish brush from Addis will make light work of stubborn stains and dried on food.

Made from hard wearing plastic, the sturdy brush head and bristles should tackle most cleaning tasks, but for really baked on food there is an integrated scraper on the brush head.

The wide ergonomic handle has a soft touch non-slip grip and also features an integrated hanging hook.

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