Nature Safe Patch Fix Lawn Seed 1kg 100% Plant-Based Organic Fertiliser

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Nature Safe Patch Fix Lawn Seed 1kg 100% Plant-Based Organic Fertiliser

Nature Safe patch fix lawn seed is a blend of 100% plant-based organic fertiliser and grass seed mix which helps repair patched quickly and promotes a healthy ecosystem in your lawn. The 100% organic fertiliser mix, and amenity ryegrass stimulates microorganisms within the soil due to the high sugars and proteins - amino acids and trace elements. This with help promote biodiversity within your lawn and will encourage earthworms.

This product is child, pet and bee-friendly thanks to its all-natural ingredients. Apply to new lawns or bare patches for a healthier lawn. Shake well before use. For treating lawn patches apply at a rate of 80g/m², for lawns that are thinning apply at 60g/m². Water well in dry conditions to help promote the ideal growing conditions.

New grass should start to emerge after 1 week of application. Wait until the new grass has reached at least 6cm before cutting and keep the lawnmower on a high cut setting until the grass is well established.

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