Nature Safe Organic Plant Food with Seaweed 1L

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Nature Safe Organic Plant Food with Seaweed 1 Litre

100% organic plant feed with seaweed Pollinator safe Abundant flowers rich vegetables Indoor and Outdoor plants.There is no doubt that organic gardening is growing in popularity. Where chemical based solutions once dominated, there is now a clear and distinct shift towards a need and want for greener solutions. The obvious driver of this has been the rise of Grow-Your-Own as consumers look to reduce their food miles and take responsibility for the impact their diet has upon the environment. However, a new revolution is taking over – veganism – which is seeing green and organic product ranges benefiting from exponential growth.

  • 100% organic plant feed with seaweed
  • Enriched with humics for root development
  • 100% Natural plant feed for abundant flowers fruits and vegetables
  • Chemical Free
  • Pollinator (bees & butterflies) Safe

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