Miracle-Gro® Fish, Blood & Bone All Purpose Plant Food 1.5kg

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Miracle-Gro® Fish, Blood & Bone - 1.5kg

Miracle-Gro® Fish, Blood & Bone all purpose plant food encourages strong and healthy growth. It is a slow release and long lasting feed which boosts soil fertility and produces more flowers, fruit & vegetables.

How to use

During soil preparation/planting time: sprinkle evenly over the soil and mix in well. During dry weather, water well after sowing seeds and planting out.

During the growing season: sprinkle evenly over the soil around established plants. Gently work it into the soil surface with a hand fork or hoe without disturbing the plant roots and water in thoroughly.

Planting small plants and bare rooted plants: sprinkle around plants after planting and slightly work into the soil.

Planting bigger plants/shrubs/trees: mix with soil from planting hole with planting compost and use as planting mixture.

Where to use

Sprinkle directly into the soil.

How often to apply

Apply every 6-8 weeks during the growing season.

Fertiliser analysis

NPK 5-3-5.


Always wear gloves when gardening.

Always read the label and product information before use

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