Janit-X Professional Hand Angel Sanitiser LIQUID 5 Litre

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Janit-X Professional Hand Angel Sanitiser LIQUID 5 Litre

Janit-X Hand Angel Sanitising Liquid is a UK Made, fast drying 80% Alcohol hand sanitiser that kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Liquid is faster absorbing into the skin than Gel which needs to break down before absorbtion.

This product is medical grade and is manufactured to World Health Organisation hand sanitiser formula 1. No water needed - perfect for the car, office, or workplace.

Refreshes and leaves hands feeling soft. Large 5 litre bulk size - ideal for refilling hand sanitiser dispensers, refilling your own bottles and for large workplaces.


Hospital Grade 80% Alcohol Content. Please note this is a LIQUID format not a GEL format. 

"As we produce to the World Health Organisation formulation they advise against adding any fragrance to the material due to potential sensitization issues.

We do have a characteristic smell as we very simply have such a high ethanol content compared to what is generally seen in the market place prior to the outbreak.

The highest other product we have seen and tested was 76%, we are a minimum of 82% which we saw as a sales advantage due to this giving our product more

effectiveness in eliminating germs." MD

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