HG Drain Liquid Drain Unblocker 1 Litre

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HG Kitchen Drain & Plug Unblocker, Natural Drain Unblocker, Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner, Kitchen Sink Unblocker & Kitchen Cleaner for Pipes, Septic Tank Safe - 1 Litre

  • HG Drain Unblocker for kitchen sinks: A fast acting drain unblocker and kitchen sink cleaner. Clears the pipes quickly and easily; ideal for persistent blockages caused by fat, oil and food remnants
  • Eco conscious formula: The kitchen sink unblocker is made using natural ingredients, including enzymes and microbes, making this cleaner biodegradable and safe for any kitchen drain or septic tank
  • Quick and easy plughole unblocker: High strength blockage remover gel which gets to work eating away at the blockage. Try this first before calling a plumber! Gentle on sinks, pipes and traps
  • Easy to use drain cleaner fluid: Can also be used as a sink drain cleaner and de-odouriser. Enhances the bacteria culture of septic tanks and has a preventative effect to help avoid future blockages
  • Includes: 1 x HG Plughole Unblocker, 1L. Discover the full range of HG professional household cleaning products, with HG Mould Remover, toilet unblocker, shower drain unblocker and all surface cleaner

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