Ecostacker Blue Drum/Jerry Can & White Lid 20 Litre BPA Free

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Ecostacker Blue Drum & White Lid 20 Litre

Ecostacker 20L Blue Drum With White Lid

BPA Free

Ecostacker plastic drums are manufactured on the most modern and sophisticated blow moulding machines available. We produce our containers on twin-station machines that are highly efficient and unrivalled in terms of energy consumption / polymer processing rates.

Ecostacker drums are manufactured with 3-D material distribution technology. This process allows the extruded parison to be controlled in three dimensions by manipulation of the die shape during the moulding cycle as well as the die/pin gap. This allows the ultimate drum wall thickness control, top load strength and most favourable product to packaging weight ratios.

Ecostacker containers are manufactured from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. All deflash scrap from the manufacturing process is re-used ensuring the Ecostacker drums are the most environmentally friendly industrial containers on the market.

Ecostackers are produced in a vast selection of weights and colours to suit customers’ individual performance and aesthetic requirements. They are available with and without view strip and all carry fill level graduations.

All containers are manufactured in facilities registered to ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Systems and BRC/Iop technical standards for food packaging manufacturers (Category B).

These containers are suitable for food contact and meet the requirements of the Food Safety Act, Plastic Materials in Contact with Food regulations and all other applicable legislation, including global migration limits with model foods for 10 days up to 40  C. 

They meet the requirements of the Packaging Essential Requirements regulations including the limits of heavy metal and noxious substances content.

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