Ecofective Bug & Mildew Control For Flowers, Fruit, & Veg RTU Refillable 1 Litre

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Ecofective Ready to Use Bug & Mildew Control spray is a pesticide free way to control bugs and powdery mildew, whilst also nourishing your plants It's safe to use on ornamental and edible crops, including flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables, both outside and undercover The spray uses a physical mode of action to stop pests as it contains a blend of surfactants which stop the pests from moving and being able to feed This means that it's safe to use around children, pets and bees and, with no harvest interval required, edible produce can be eaten within hours after application Ecofective Bug & Mildew Control provides fast acting control of aphids, blackfly, red spider mites, plus other bugs and it controls powdery mildew by washing away the spores It also provides foliar nourishment to encourage healthy plant growth and promote abundant fruit, vegetables and flowers It's proven to be highly effective with the same formulation being used by many professional growers and landscapers across the UK and Europe Due to the physical mode of action pests will not become resistant to this spray

  • 1 x 1 Litre Ready to Use Bug & Mildew Control
  • Pesticide free, 3-in-1 technology
  • Controls bugs (aphids, blackfly, red spider mites, plus others), powdery mildew and provides nutrition
  • Physical mode of action
  • No harvest interval
  • Safe around children, pets and bees
  • For edibles and ornamentals outside and under cover
  • Proven to be highly effective
  • No resistance in pests

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