Big Cheese Rat Cage Reusable Rust Resistant Trap (STV075)

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Big Cheese Rat Cage Reusable Rust Resistant Trap (STV075))

STV075 Rat Cage Trap 40 x 16 x 16cm cage trap manufactured from galvanized wire mesh with single entry drop door. Carrier handle and protective hand-plate for easy transportation. Simple to set with clear instructions and setting tips on pack. Suitable for use indoors or out. For care and control of small animals. Humane way to remove rodents form the garden, shed, garage or house. Live traps are a poison-free.

  • Easy setting, ready to use cage trap
  • Fast action, spring activated trap door
  • Long-lasting galvanised mesh design
  • Solid top and carrier handle for safer handling
  • Bait with STV163
  • Dimension 36cm x 14cm x 16cm

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