Barrettine Sugar Soap Concentrate 500ml


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Barrettine Sugar Soap for Cleaning Walls, Grease, Grime, Dirt, Nicotine Stains and general household cleaning 500ml

Ideal for preparing surfaces for repainting, cutting through grease and dirt, leaving the surface chemically clean so that a fresh coat of paint adheres readily. Excellent for general household cleaning. It is suitable for use on paintwork, vinyl wallcoverings and enamel surfaces.

Box Contains

Sugar Soap Concentrate 

What is Sugar Soap Used for?

As the name suggests, sugar soap is used to ‘’clean’’ walls for the purpose of decorating them. Don’t get fooled by the name ‘’Sugar soap’’ as there is no sugar in it but its granulated appearance in powder form gives it that name.

Companies use different formulas for the preparation of these soaps. Fundamentally it is a detergent for washing walls (which can contain some skin irritating ingredients in it)

Preparation before starting the actual painting process is essential, most of the people are hasty and fail to get the desired results due to this. These soaps come in both liquid and powder form where powder form is preferred for larger areas such as living rooms or a reception room.

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