Agralan Enviromesh Protector Handy Pack 3x1.83m


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Agralan Enviromesh Protector Handy Pack 3x1.83m

Covering with Enviromesh enables you to grow healthy fruit and vegetables free from insect damage. No support is necessary, just place over the crop and secure with pegs or stones.

This insect netting protects against carrot fly, cabbage root fly, caterpillars, birds, rabbits, wind and hail. It will also give a small amount of protection from frost.

Enviromesh was developed as the ideal protection for vegetable crops following many years of research. 25 years of usage in the U.K. has proved its reliability and durability.

Enviromesh is very strong and lasts for 10 years given reasonable care.

Mesh Size: 1.3mm

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