Webbox Beef, Vegetables & Brown Rice 400g

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Webbox Beef, Vegetables & Brown Rice 400g

All dogs love tasty, fresh meat, so we created our Beef, Vegetables & Brown Rice tray to satisfy their meaty cravings. Made with fresh meat, our tasty Beef, Vegetables & Brown Rice tray is a 100% complete food that will leave your furry friend barking for more.

Our trays are made with easily digestible protein, vegetables and beneficial herbs, resulting in a nutritious meal for your companion. The added brown rice slowly releases energy, so your pet will be playing ball for much longer. The meaty food is suitable for all dogs, even those with sensitive stomachs and wheat and gluten allergies.

  • A 100% complete food for your dog
  • Microwavable in 30-60 seconds
  • Made with fresh meat
  • With brown rice for slow release energy

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