Nature Safe Lawn Feed 10kg


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Nature Safe Lawn Feed 10kg

This Nature Safe Lawn Feed feeds lawns and enriches soil and is a 100% plant-based organic fertiliser. It stimulates micro-organisms in the soil thanks to its high sugars and proteins, feeds and thickens lawns, enriches soil and suppresses weeds. Contains 15% seed and its NPK ratio is 6-3-2:

  • 6 % total Nitrogen (N) (organically bound)
  • 3 % total phosphorus (P₂O₅) (1.5%P)
  • 2 % potassium oxide (K₂O) (1.6%K) 
  • Usage tips:
  • An ideal feed which can be applied anytime from March to October. Repeat treatment every 4 weeks to maintain a perfect lawn.
  • If conditions are very dry, a little watering in helps to kick start the process.
  • Do not apply during drought, in freezing conditions or if the grass is under stress. Do not apply in windy weather to avoid drift onto areas such as shrubs or patios.
  • Mix product well before use. 
  • Instructions:
  • For standard treatment apply to lawns evenly at 75g/m² (bag covers 133m²).
  • For regular top-up feeds, apply evenly at 50g/m² (bag covers 200m²).
  • For best results use a lawn fertiliser spreader. If treating by hand, mark out the area to ensure even application; do not over-apply to avoid damage to your lawn. 
  • After application:
  • Your lawn will be gradually re-invigorated in the weeks following application.
  • Grass will become a richer green colour.
  • It is advisable to wait 3-4 days after application before mowing your lawn.
  • Once the product is fully watered in, children and pets need not be excluded. 
  • Safety information:
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Read label before use.
  • Store in a dry, frost free environment.

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