Janit-X Dark Ocean Urinal Screen Deodoriser Ocean Mist {10-Pack}


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  • 30 days fragranced urinal deodoriser screen.
  • Highly fragranced, simple solution to bad odours.
  • Contains protrusions to prevent "Splatter".
  • Clock & month system to tell when to change screen.
  • Releases an odour controlling bacteria.
  • Gradually releases fragrance over 30 days.
  • New Janit-X Branded for 2019.

Enhance your restrooms environment with the Janit-X Dark Mist Urinal Screen Deodoriser, by instantly eliminating persistent odours at their source, this deodorising urinal screen promotes a clean environment and let's your guests know that you care about every aspect of their experience in your business.
The Janit-X Urinal Screen emits a pleasant active scent to counteract the unpleasant smells often associated with washrooms. The clean smell will help put your guests at ease without being too overpowering.
They are also designed with protrusions as an anti-splash design to help reduce "splatter" in the urinal as well, and help improve the overall appearance of the restroom.

With the fragrance lasting for 30 days, the screen also releases optimised bacteria that cleans the urinal and eliminates odours..

This urinal screen offers the flexibility needed to fit different urinals while providing drain protection. The screen won't flake or disintegrate unlike urinal blocks.

Simply place it on the bottom of the urinal in your restroom. It begins working immediately and offers up to 30 days of non-stop fragrance.

To let you know when to change the screen there are tear tabs on the top for the user to choose the desired month and then the same tabs on the bottom to choose the day of the month, this enables the user to keep control of the date it was installed on the urinal ensuring guests of hygiene control.

No need to go to the added cost of purchasing a full case, at Garden & Pet Supplies, we make it easy for you, by selling in singles and each urinal screen is individually wrapped for freshness.

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