IAMs Delights Adult Cat Land & Sea Collection in Jelly 48x85g (Best Before 03/10)


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IAMs Delights Adult Cat Land & Sea Collection in Jelly 48x85g (Best Before 03/10)

After extensive research amongst cat owners, pet food brand IAMS is launching IAMS Delights, which has a meaty look, taste and texture to offer a balanced diet for your cat.

IAMS Delights is a wet cat food to offer complete nutrition for your cat and uses quality ingredients with different tasty varieties to provide your favourite feline with a delicious and varied diet they will love.

IAMS Delights is a 100% complete and balanced premium pet food for adult cats with an irresistible taste.

The multi pack contains Tuna and Herring, Salmon and Trout, Turkey and Duck, Lamb and Liver meals.

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