HG Tiles Satin Finish Protective Coating 5 Litre

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HG Tiles Satin Finish Protective Coating 5 Litre

  • A tile polish with a delicately thin yet extremely protective coating
  • Easy to use and suitable for all types of floor tiles, slate and flagstones 
  • A satin polish with a very thin and extremely protective coating
  • Has a non-slip effect; adds a satin finish whilst deepening the colour and structure of the tile 5 L of this floor tiles coating is sufficient for approximately 40 m2 per layer

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Sleep
Very good stuff

Applied to a 120-year old encaustic-tiled hall floor that I had cleaned and repaired, and looks great. I did learn...
- the instructions on the container are good. Follow them!
- it goes a long way and is very, very easy to apply. I used a large paint pad.
- if the 'satin' looks patchy once dry, apply another coat. Two wasn't enough, but the first two were perhaps thinner than they needed to be. I ended up happy after four, but it was a very old floor with wear and patina
- pay no attention to bubbles during application. They will disappear.
- Don't put it on too thin. It isn't paint and won't leave brush marks. Work it as little as possible to avoid puddles then leave to dry (and on encaustics) soak in
- 4 coats on my ~7sq m has only used about 1.5 litres, so it's quite economical
- I expect to have to periodically re-apply but after a week of heavy use it's showing no deterioration.There is dusty building work around it, but simple mopping with water has returned it to as good as when finished.
- it is a bit glossier than I hoped, I'd have preferred a more matt version of satin to reduce reflections, but it's a vast improvement on how it was. Kitchen next!

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