Fito Citrus Automatic Drip Feeders Plant Food 5 Pack

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A new way of feeding all types of pot grown citrus plants. It is ready to use and ideally balanced to supply the right amount of feed daily. Each vial provides a gradual and balanced release of nutritive elements sufficient to feed a plant for an average of 15 days, encouraging more abundant fruiting. Regular use reinforces the defences of the plant against stress of indoor life. The formula is specifically designed for all types of citrus plants. Such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine and bergamot.  For best results, use between the months of February and November. This pack contains 5 x 32ml vials.

  • Seasons: Summer & Spring
  • No Measuring
  • No Mess
  • Simple to use
  • lasts 15 days

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